Entries by Robin Hardy

God’s Perspective

  As we sit and watch things spinning around us, our lives, our businesses and our world we live in we can often wonder what is going on. We may ask why is this happening or even now what? You may find yourself freaking out or experiencing fear around things.   These are the times […]

Defining your value

I have heard so many times women complaining about their value. They say they are not enough, they don’t have enough, and in some cases actually speak the words I am of no value. This breaks my heart, yes I have been there too. However, when we dig into what the bible has to say […]

I want to Thrive!

I hear so many women talk about how they are struggling with their life. Some are struggling with stress, fatigue, illness while others struggle more on the spiritual levels. God designed us to Thrive girls not just survive! “I made you to thrive like the plants in the field, and you grew, matured and became […]