Laughter does a soul good!

Did you know laughter can actually heal your body, spirit and mind? Laughter is powerful as it releases stress and fatigue in your body. Some have found that laughter can even relieve a headache, tummy ache and mild depression. When was the last time you laughed…I mean a good belly laugh? The Bible tells us: […]

Our Visual Perspective…

What is our visual perspective regarding our self? What do you say to yourself in the morning or even throughout the day? Would you say those same words to someone else out loud? We forget our identity is in Christ not in our outward appearance. Plus what we see in the mirror is not what […]

Live Your Faith in the Busy…

This weeks post comes from an article I ready this week from Rachel Wojo at Dayspring. I have been sharing this thought the past few weeks on my Facebook LIVE Morning Minutes. We really need to take time and stop each day to be filled so we can do what we are called to do […]


Choices…choices and more choices. Everything we do and say are a result of the choices we make. What choices are you making today? We are seeing it more and more today with the words of hate stirring up fires that should be extinguished. My heart breaks when leaders utter words that fuel hate and discouragement. […]

Between You And God!

I love when God takes a situation or circumstance and teaches a valuable lesson to me. Don’t you? Recently I encountered a situation that really shifted me off my tracks, lost my focus on what the Lord had called me to do. Have you ever been there? You are on a path directed by God […]