What “Chewbacca Mom” Can Teach Us…



I was reading some articles this morning and found one from one of my favorite resources iBloom.

This video was one of the best ones I have seen hit the internet in a long time. I even paused it to grab my husband to watch it and we laughed until we cried. Candace was hysterical sharing her new found Chewbacca mask with the world…well her friends on Facebook. She had no idea how far it would go…




I wanted to share some really important points that Jen Bennett made in the article here as it pertains to why we sometimes find ourselves stuck and unable to move forward in our life/business.

Here is what Jen had to say in her article:

After going live, she soon found herself in a position that she couldn’t even imagine. She not only ended up shattering the record for most Facebook Live Video Views; a record that was recently held by Buzzfeed, but she touched and impacted the lives of MILLIONS of people.  Today, her live video has over 3 million shares.

What can her video teach us about social media?

  • We must stop worrying about what other people think: The one thing I hear from business owners as to why they are not getting active with live video on social media, is that they worry far too much about what other people will think. They worry that they will stumble upon their words. They worry about saying the right or wrong things. They worry about how they look. And it’s these worries that turn into the “what will people think” worry; a worry that ultimately keeps them from sharing.One look at Payne’s video and you will see that she could care less about what other people think; she’s just being herself. And by being herself, the world has come to love her.
  • We don’t have to make things difficult: The thought of social media, especially live video, truly scares some people. They worry about having the right equipment, the right lighting, the right background and the right tools. But truthfully, we are making it way too difficult.When you look at Payne’s video, you will see that she shot her video from her car! There was no studio, no background lights, no makeup check, etc. She had an idea and decided to move forward with it by sharing it with the world, using the one tool that she had, her phone.
  • We have to be comfortable with who we are: This is what I love most about Payne’s video; she is comfortable in her skin. She’s not worried about looking a certain way and she’s not worried about what people will think when they hear her laugh; she’s just comfortable with who God created her to be. She’s being her true authentic self, instead of trying to be “perfect.”Far too often we try to make everything just right before we even think about sharing ourselves on social media. If our outfit isn’t perfect, our hair and/or our makeup, then we just won’t do it. But as you can see, if you are real and authentic and have a message to share, the world will listen. And truthfully, perfectionism is the one thing that holds so many of us back. Aiming for perfectionism means that we are not comfortable with who we are. The fear of not doing something perfect causes us to step back and do nothing. The world would much rather connect with someone who is authentic and not perfect.

So today, I want you to think about how this relates to you and your business:

  • Do you worry too much about what other people will think?
  • Are you trying to make things more difficult than what they need to be?
  • Are you comfortable with who you are, or are you wasting precious time trying to be perfect?

Take some time to work through these questions and then, do something about it. And if I may, I would like to challenge YOU to do a Facebook Live Video. Why? Because if the enemy can hold you back from sharing your expertise, your wisdom, your stories, your true authentic self, then he knows that he can keep you from being used fully for the Kingdom of God. And honestly, what better way then to let him know that he has no control over you, then by moving forward with a Facebook Live Video?

PS: If you decide to take me up on this challenge, post your link below; I would LOVE to watch it and send some encouragement your way!

About Jen Bennett:

555fa49996b2ffe023ee98504c755a7cDr. Jen Bennett is the Inspirational Communication Specialist and Project Manager at iBloom. Jen’s passion is helping businesses, ministries and individuals, #BeWorthFollowing. Jen enjoys speaking, training, and writing on all things that inspire and help leaders build a digital footprint and personal brand that is different and that helps them stand out and influence people in a crowded and noisy social media world.



A simple thing we far to often neglect to do with all the stress and things we feel we have to do.

Stop with me now and take a deep breath…breathe in and exhale out…



As busy women entrepreneurs, parents, wives we often have a to-do-list that never ends.

God is loves us so much He wants us to take care of ourselves, get rest and BREATHE!

If we look at Proverbs, in two separate verses God tells us to REST:


A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest.
Proverbs 6:10 NIV and Proverbs 24:33 NIV

girl lying in a meadow enjoying the sun. More pictures like this in my portfolio.


Take that time today and BREATHE in the refreshing breath that Christ gives us as His daughters.

If we can do this, we will be of better service to those we are called to serve and our families. You will begin to THRIVE in your business and you will find true JOY in your heart.

Ready, set….BREATHE!

Take a quick listen to this song…


Cleaning Day…

We are in the spirit of Spring Cleaning this month. Cleaning out the closets, drawers, the dust bunnies and more. So this post I am sharing with you is perfect timing to encourage you to see cleaning day in a new perspective.

This post comes from Women’s Ministry Leader with Group, which is a wonderful resource for study materials to grow your faith. You can find them here.



“Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me.” Psalm 51:10

I cleaned today—not because I expect company or because I had nothing better to do but because the weekend is nearly here, which means more people will be home for extended hours. To me, a clean house is a comfortable home.

As I was cleaning, I realized it’s not the act of cleaning that thrills me. I only enjoy the process of cleaning because I anticipate the end result: a pleasant house in which I can relax because the dust bunnies aren’t peering at me from under furniture. I’m refreshed in a house full of clean smells.

It’s the same with spiritual growth. I’m not thrilled with the process. It’s messy, inconvenient, and sometimes painful. However, the result is a maturing relationship with Jesus. I won’t enjoy the comfort of a close relationship without letting him cleanse my life. He gets rid of the accumulating dust bunnies. He sanitizes the toxic surfaces. He washes away the filth to refresh me.

Look around your house or office. What needs to be done to clean it?

Cleaning will take time and effort.

Look at your heart. What needs to be done to clean it?

Cleaning will take time and effort, but Jesus will take care of it—if you let him.

Action Step: Choose one cleaning project to complete in the next 3 minutes. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with what needs to get done, but it only takes one small step at a time. Set yourself up for a sense of accomplishment.

Susan Lawrence is a women’s ministry consultant, who regularly speaks at conferences and training’s.

5 Things to Get YOU Ready for an AMAZING New Year

I love to share great posts with you along with recipes and my own posts. Today I happened to read one of my favorite blogs and found this article so valid for right now as we close out 2015 and ring in 2016.

I hope you enjoy this article from my friend Kelly Thorne Gore from iBloom.




This is my FAVORITE week of the year. When I was a Children’s Minister, I worked at an amazing church that always gave us the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off. They even cancelled services on the Sunday after Christmas to give the staff and volunteers time to rest and recuperate. That week off was just what I needed to gear up for the new year. When I started iBloom, that was definitely one of the habits I wanted to continue. The last two weeks of the year are quite relaxed around iBloom. It’s a time for our team to reflect on the past year, do things that recharge us, and get ready for the upcoming year. Here are the things I do to get ready for the new year:

#1: Reflect

The first thing I do is spend time reflecting over the past year. One of my favorite parts of the iBloom Planner is the “My 2016 Plan” section. One of the exercises in that section is a Reality Check. It’s during this time of reflection that I do an honest assessment of my personal life and business. I ask myself these questions:

  • What is going well? {These are usually the things I want to continue into the new year!}
  • What is not going well? {This could be physical spaces or systems that aren’t working, things that are causing me stress, or just things that aren’t allowing me to live my best life.}
  • What needs to change? {This is based on my priorities, as well as the things that aren’t going well.}

This time of reflection gives me direction for the new year.

#2: Get Organized

I don’t know about you, but it seems like every  year there are spaces or things that need to be reorganized. This year I had a variety of home projects including my kitchen {cabinets, fridge, and pantry}, laundry room, hall closet, bedroom closet, and my home office that needed work. I also had a few systems for my business that needed to be organized- projects I’m working on, how I’m organizing receipts for taxes, cleaning-up my email inbox and folders, updating my log-ins and passwords, and organizing my computer files.

I know this seems like a LOT to tackle in a week, but it’s absolutely possible. In fact, I’m almost done. Here’s what I did:

  1. Make a list of the spaces and systems that aren’t allowing you to function at your best.
  2. Estimate how long it will take to organize that space or system.
  3. Decide what day I’ll complete each project.
  4. Then, do it! I like to play a game with myself. I set a timer {for the time I estimated} and I try to beat the clock.
  5. Reward myself.

It’s amazing how spending this time getting organized sets me up for success in the new year. If you have lots of spaces and systems that aren’t working, it may take you longer than a week and that’s ok! The point is to get organized, so you can function at your best. If it takes you a month, that’s fine. Just do it!

#3: Finalize my Success Strategy

In order to have successful new year, we must plan for it. My success strategy includes my priorities {those things that matter most and that I want to be intentional about living into}, life goals,  business vision, income goals, business projects, and an action plan for making all of those things a reality.

The Success Strategy that I use is in the “My 2016 Plan” section of the iBloom Planner. Plus, there is space to track the books I want to read, events/training I want to participate in, and space for creating my vision board. Everything is in one place, so I can remind myself daily of the plan I’m working toward.

Recommended Resource: iBloom Virtual Retreat: Create Your 2016 Success Strategy {it’s my gift to you!}

#4: Visualize My Success

Once I have my Success Strategy, I LOVE to spend time visualizing it as a reality. I set aside a few hours {ideally a full day} to imagine that it’s December 31st and I’m reflecting on the past year. I act as if all of my goals have been accomplished. I smile and celebrate how my life is different because I spent the year working my Success Strategy.

This is such a powerful time because it helps me realize the significance of my success plan and what can happen when I diligently work it. Does everything happen exactly the way I envision it? No! However, once I started doing this step, I’ve seen far more goals accomplished. I know it may sound a little silly, but give it a try! It’s actually a lot of fun and quite a powerful time of dedicating my plan back to God.

I’m a really visual person. I need to see what the success will look like, so each year I create a vision board. I used to put my vision board on a white poster board that hung in my office, but I only saw it when I was in my office. Now, I put it in my iBloom Planner so it’s with me wherever I go. Each morning as I review my Success Strategy I look over my vision board to remind me of the end result.

Recommended Resource: How to Create a Vision Board

#5: Me Time

A big part of this week is doing things that recharge me. For me, that means taking naps, getting my hair done, having a girls day with my Mom, enjoying a massage, reading a book or two, watching a Hallmark movie, and spending quality time with my family making memories. What are the things that recharge you? Be intentional about doing a few of those things this week.


These are the 5 things I do each year to get ready for an AMAZING upcoming year. How do you get ready for the new year?




About Kelly Thorne Gore

9d1284b7422714c6268847a096778d4dKelly Thorne Gore is the Founder & President of iBloom. Kelly and her iBloom team are on a mission to inspire and empower every woman on the planet to live a life she LOVES (and ultimately a life that honors God)! Kelly is passionate about living life intentionally and making each day count. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys spending quality time with her husband Jon & their daughter Sophie, family, and friends. She’s a girly girl, loves bright cheery colors, gerbera daisies, University of Kentucky Basketball, and Tyler Perry Movies!