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Your “Today I Will Thrive” download will help you create balance each day so you can THRIVE!. Print it out and use it daily.

My Story

Thank you for stopping by and checking out all the encouraging and challenging things going on here to empower women.

My name is Robin Hardy and I am your guide here bringing you much encouragement, empowerment, balance, challenges and so much more.

I bring you 18+ years of business experiences plus 55 years of life experiences so you can reach your goals with a stride in your step.

What qualifies me as an expert on this?

I am bringing my life experiences to you filled with compassion and faith, here are a few of the life things I have experienced that qualify me as your expert in moving forward in spite of trials, obstacles and mindset

What I Do


Mentoring is a biblical principal that all of us should have in our lives. We can have mentors for all aspects of our lives and businesses. Even mentors have mentors!

I am here for you to bring balance into your life/business by creating a Healthy Mindset + Healthy Body + Healthy Spirit!


You will find that your participants will be empowered & edified!

Bring Robin Hardy to your next woman’s event, meeting or conference for an engaging, empowering and audience at AWD entertaining presentation.

Robin will engage your mind on the Incredible Journey we call life.


We see celebrating all through the bible and I believe we need to celebrate with each other as well.

Rejoicing with you on YOUR victories and successes.

So here in this space we celebrate with you!

What People Say

Life changing tools to improve my personal attitude not only towards myself but those I come into contact with. Thank you for the tools I can use for the rest of my life.

D. TrudiauFederal Government

“I started this journey with you filled with fear and doubt, I am celebrating today as I stand tall in my victories today. Thank you for making it possible to, as you taught me, to thrive!”

Rebeckah Z.

“I am so grateful to have had this experience with you. I am celebrating the new Healthy Mindset and Healthy Spirit that is changing my life and business beyond anything I imagined. Still working on the Healthy Body, LOL. Love you Robin!”

Melissa D.

“I am celebrating my awareness of my needs. I was so busy being busy I was neglecting myself and not being very nice to family and friends. I have always thought it was about everyone else and if I had time take care of Daisy. It was killing me and I did not even know it, I was dying inside. Thank you for caring and supporting me, my husband says thank you too he has his wife back!”

Dana B.

“I am celebrating completing the journey with you on the journal class. My eyes have been opened as to the changes God is doing in my life, so many I had missed before. I can’t wait until the next class!”

Sue G.

Today I will Thrive Free Gift

Your “Today I Will Thrive” download will help you create balance each day so you can THRIVE!. Print it out and use it daily.