Thank you for stopping by and checking out all the encouraging and challenging things going on here to empower women, just like you.

My name is Robin Hardy and I am to guide you on this journey of  encouragement, empowerment, balance, challenges and so much more.

I share with you 21+ years of business experiences AND 58 years of life experiences so you can reach your goals with a stride in your step.

What qualifies me as an expert on this?


Being compassionate and faith-based, I took personal challenges and thrived, here are a few of the life things I have experienced that qualify me as your expert in moving forward in spite of trials, obstacles and mindset:

  • I have started very successful businesses, profitable…only to lose it as the economy shifted. Instead of rolling over I got up and re-invented myself taking those experiences as lessons to empower others.
  • I have been diagnosed with cancer and healed through faith and prayer.
  • I was married at 37, never thought I would get married then God brought me an amazing man who is my husband, best friend and most supportive of any adventure I journey on.
  • I have been abused by boys I dated (have to call them boys as men don’t misbehave that way), forgiven them and moved on.
  • Grew up with my mother and I conflicting in everything, because I was a reminder of her mistakes when she was younger.
  • I have moved across country from California to South Carolina for my husband’s job relocation, having to start over at the age of 49. Knew no one out here and yet I am thriving here now as a Southern Girl.
  • I was not able to have children because of PCOS so my kids are furry and four legged.
  • I have lost everything in a bankruptcy and was able to rebuild to something more amazing now.
  • I fractured my T6 & T12 in my back and recovered, kept going while being challenged.
  • I had two teeth extracted due to issues around the calcium issues
  • Diagnosed with stage II ovarian & uterine cancer, with a 20 pound mass destroying the bowel. Today I stand cancer free!

And so much more.

So you see I know most of your pains and we can work through anything together one day at a time, one step at a time.


I’m married to an amazing man for over 21 years now and we have six beautil fur kids. We live in the amazing state of South Carolina.