Choices…choices and more choices. Everything we do and say are a result of the choices we make. What choices are you making today? We are seeing it more and more today with the words of hate stirring up fires that should be extinguished. My heart breaks when leaders utter words that fuel hate and discouragement. […]

Between You And God!

I love when God takes a situation or circumstance and teaches a valuable lesson to me. Don’t you? Recently I encountered a situation that really shifted me off my tracks, lost my focus on what the Lord had called me to do. Have you ever been there? You are on a path directed by God […]

Comparison Highjacks Contentment…

I recently read this post from Girlfriends in God and felt it was an important message to share today with you. I thought about writing my own spin on the topic and decided this one was so perfect for each of us here that I would share their post with y’all! Enjoy, be sure to comment below.

The Missing Tooth

Much of what we think today comes from a misconceived perception of what we are supposed to be or act like. What does that mean? If we look today at what the media, television and the world in general have to say about who we are, we fall so short of “their” sorry expectations.

Called to Love

This morning as I sat on the screened porch in my rocker with a cup of coffee the Lord softly spoke to me on a topic once again. So instead of just agreeing with Him I decided perhaps since He has mentioned it a few times it was meant to write instead of just agree.