Called to Love

This morning as I sat on the screened porch in my rocker with a cup of coffee the Lord softly spoke to me on a topic once again. So instead of just agreeing with Him I decided perhaps since He has mentioned it a few times it was meant to write instead of just agree.

When Doors Don’t Open

I love to share awesome things with our Cafe’ so here is an article I read this month that really seemed to be a great one to share with everyone. The timing may be perfect with summer rapidly approaching us and with the heat rising tempers seem to do the same. We find ourselves on a shorter fuse sometimes and we need that little reminder to stop and think just how what we say, do or how we act will impact those in our lives.

What “Chewbacca Mom” Can Teach Us…

I was reading some articles this morning and found one from one of my favorite resources iBloom. This video was one of the best ones I have seen hit the internet in a long time. I even paused it to grab my husband to watch it and we laughed until we cried. Candace was hysterical sharing her new found Chewbacca mask with the world…well her friends on Facebook. She had no idea how far it would go…


A simple thing we far to often neglect to do with all the stress and things we feel we have to do. Stop with me now and take a deep breath…breathe in and exhale out…As busy women entrepreneurs, parents, wives we often have a to-do-list that never ends.

Cleaning Day…

We are in the spirit of Spring Cleaning this month. Cleaning out the closets, drawers, the dust bunnies and more. So this post I am sharing with you is perfect timing to encourage you to see cleaning day in a new perspective. This post comes from Women’s Ministry Leader with Group, which is a wonderful […]