A close-up of a christian woman reading the bible.

Choices…choices and more choices.

Everything we do and say are a result of the choices we make.

What choices are you making today?

We are seeing it more and more today with the words of hate stirring up fires that should be extinguished. My heart breaks when leaders utter words that fuel hate and discouragement.

You know the sign of a great leader is one that builds others up and brings about peace not conflict.

Lord knows the elections this year have nothing but fuel hate and division. The media fuels the hate and racial tensions by uttering their half truths that people buy into. We watched the First Lady make a comment in a speech that continued to fuel racial issues here in America. The fists flew, the words of hate flew around her and more racial tensions were created. Our President does the same thing. We see movie stars and recording artists spew the same hateful messages. We see the media twist the truth to create more fear and hate.

What if they made better choices in their words?

What if instead of fueling the fires they tried to use words that would create unity not division?

What if we chose words and actions that would encourage others and bring a resolution to the hate?

What if one kind word could change the results of this hate?

What if?

You know we were not born to hate or be mean we learn it from those around us. It is like the old saying:

“Garbage in = garbage out.” 

What are we choosing to:

  • Watch
  • Read
  • Listen to
  • Speak

Who are we surrounding our self with?

Do they build others up or tear them down? Do they bring unity or division?

To hate or be mean to someone because of their race, religion or outer appearance is something you CHOOSE to do, you were not born this way. I do not understand this mindset of hate that is out there today. You see I was raised to show respect, speak truth and look at who someone is both in actions and words to determine who they were. I have friends that are all races, religions…etc… You see if folks are kind and honest we me we are good, I really don’t care what you believe or what your skin color is…my CHOICE is to love and respect people.

God tells us in His Word at least 10 times to love our neighbor:

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
Galatians 5:14

What do you choose today?

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