Personal or Small Group Study

A Time To Thrive

Sometimes as women we just need a little boost to restore and balance our lives.

I wrote this study as a personl journey to identify the areas I needed more God in, and it became so much more I had to share it with other women just like you.

What I found in the years in ministry most women got lost in the service and slowly burned or spiraled out of control.

The women seemed to lack the knowledge of WHO they are in Christ.

Using God’s Word to Remember Who We Are in Him…

I have created a wonderful experience, unlike any other you may have had in a study.

This experience will take you deep inside yourself, using the Word to discover the areas in your own personal life that need a little more TLC.

A Time To Thrive will return you to a place where you can Thrive again as a woman of God…

A Little More…

We all need a little more TLC in our lives, especially with the way we speak about ourself and the destructive thoughts that run through our heads. During this journey you will:

Reflect on God’s Promises to you through His Word. And discover how to apply it to your heart.

Spend time identifying your desires of your heart, and writing them out. Also, taking them to God in prayer.

You will begin to define your priorities and establish boundaries both professionally and personally.

Your will begin recognizing the areas in your life where you need a little more attention to in order to Thrive.

A Woman Who is Balanced Will Thrive!