Between You And God!

Between You And God!

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I love when God takes a situation or circumstance and teaches a valuable lesson to me.

Don’t you?

Recently I encountered a situation that really shifted me off my tracks, lost my focus on what the Lord had called me to do. Have you ever been there? You are on a path directed by God above and someone throws a twig on the tracks and you become derailed?

This happens really quite easily, the key is to recognize it and shift.

I recently took my eyes off God’s plan and focused on a persons behavior. Oops!

I began to second guess what God called me to do, ignoring the fact that lives are being impacted as the stories are being heard from the women. I allowed the behavior of a person to impact and cause doubt. I began to focus on the uphill push to be obedient instead of the finish line. Have you ever been there? You know your calling and one person acts in a way you are derailed, even for a minute.

That weekend my devotional God showed me the danger of allowing such people or things distract from His calling.

Friday: “Whose opinion is most important? God’s or people’s?”
with Matthew 6:16 as the verse of the day

Saturday: “…If you are concerned about what others think,
then you aren’t really focused on God and acting in faith…”

Matthew 6:17-18 was that days verse

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What a timely reminder where my focus was to be…I need to stay focused on God and what He has called me to do. I needed to stop looking at someone’s behavior and attitude, I needed to stay focused! All that other stuff around me does not matter if I am being obedient to Christ!

Have you ever been in a position where someone’s behaviors, actions or attitude has derailed you?

I challenge you ladies to keep your eyes on the calling Christ has for you and not allow all that stuff around you to derail you or discourage you. You are called and you are gifted…own it!

Would love to hear from you, have you ever been distracted from your calling? Please share below…



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