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During my devotion time this morning the question kept coming up, what is your hope in?

These days it seems like so many are placing their hope in elected officials, other people or things. That kind of hope is false and uncertain. Things change, emotions flow and next thing you know you are left feeling hopeless and possibly wanting to just give up.


“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you that hope in the Lord.” Psalms 31:24

Why are we not placing our hope in the Lord as Christian women?

What is pulling us to trust man more than an unchanging God?

Why are we so determined to follow the world’s perspective before pressing into God?

What hope is NOT:

Hope is not, “I hope my team wins the Super Bowl” or “I hope I get a raise.” Biblical hope is not a hope-so but it is a know-so.  It isn’t wishing for the best.  It isn’t waiting to see what happens and hope that it turns out well. Hope is not a feeling or an emotion.  Hope is the knowledge of facts.  If someone says to you that “I hope you have a good day,” there is no guarantee that the day will go well.  To have a biblical hope is to have a sure anchor of the soul, not hoping for rain because the forecast says that there is a 60% chance of rain and you hope that you get your garden watered.  That is not hope…that is wishful thinking and it is utterly undependable and has no power to bring anything to pass. Human hope pales in comparison to biblical hope.

What hope is from a Christian perspective:

A Christian’s definition of hope is far superior to that of the world.  Instead of wishing or hoping for something to happen, a believer knows that their hope is solid, concrete evidence because it is grounded in the Word of God and we know that God cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18; Numbers 23:19).  The Christian has a hope that is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).  It is a hope that is like faith…a faith that cannot be moved by circumstances or what the eyes see because an unseen God is seen in His faithfulness.

What are you placing your hope in?

So what are you placing your hope in…God or what the world has to offer?

It does not matter who is in office God is still the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

Time to press into Jesus and stop moving and acting like we are His daughters.

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